Springlocks are game mechanics in DSaF and DSaF 2.

While wearing Cool Cat (DSAF) or Spring Freddy (DSAF 2) there are numerous actions you can perform; some of them result in a springlock failure, where the player dies, and then gets subsequently fired by their boss.

In DSaF3 during the Evil Route, DaveTrap gives Jack a gift: A Fredbear suit identical to his SpringBonnie suit. The second Jack enters the suit, he is killed by the springlocks. Dave reveals this was intentional.

Things that can cause a springlock failure

  • Failing to crank back the springlocks in time when equipping the suit.
  • Urinating while in the suit.
  • Wearing the suit while the Marionette is active.
  • Doing a flip while in the suit.
  • Refusing to follow the Phone Guy to his office.
  • Failing to do the safety dance.
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