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Rebecca (also known as Phone Gal) is a minor character in Dayshift at Freddy's 3.


Rebecca is the only female Phone Guy. She manages The Factory and it's phone calls. When Jack calls the Factory, she will respond to the call. During this call, it is almost impossible to avoid firing her.

Rebecca used to be a hair stylist before she became a Phone Gal.


Like all Phone Guys, Rebecca is somewhat nonchalant, with absolutely no explanation as to why. She also seems to be very hesitant and awkward at times. She also gets offended when Jack calls her bad names.


  • Scottie's name is the name Scott (the name that most Phone Guys have adopted) but with "ie" on the end to make it a feminine name.
  • Scottie is the second character in the DSaF Trilogy that is voiced for the game and is not part of FNaF dialogue or a text-to-speech voice.

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Dayshift at Freddy's 3

Scottie talking about Harry

Scottie talking about Harry

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