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Purple Guy (tape)

Purple Guy (tape) is a character in Dayshift at Freddy's 3.


Purple Guy (tape) is the character that walks you through how to run your own Freddy Fazbender's Pepperonerie. He only appears in the company tapes and is actually Dave from a few decades ago when he recorded the company tapes.


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  • The slides of Dave's tapes are down by Coda (An animator that makes animations for video game parody songs).
  • He seems to have a grudge against paperwork since in the tapes, he tells you to burn it all.
  • The only "physical" appearance he has is on the tapes with images where you repeatedly see him.
  • His name is also color coded 30 since he is just Dave recording tapes.
  • He is inspired by the cutscenes from FNAF 6 since the guy who walks you through the pizzeria also wears purple clothes.
  • The tapes are most likely recorded after 1993.
  • In the older stages of the demo, Purple Guy would say "Don't yiff the fax during business hours" instead of "don't #$*& the fax during business hours".
  • In the third Purple Guy cutscene, when a picture of Henry Miller and Dave appears, the name "Bill A." on his nametag.
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