"Basically, a child named Jacob Adams got abducted outside the new freddy's location, at around 5pm. "

Jacob Adams is a child who was murdered outside Jack's pizzeria.


Jacob was six years when he was murdered by DaveTrap outside of the Los Angeles location at around 5pm on the location's opening day. He later appears on the flipside where he is an encounter. In the flipside, Jacob took the form of Golden Freddy because he didn't have the power to take the form of the golden Freddy suit the Jack has, as he saw Jack in that suit from one of the windows of the Los Angeles location.


Jacob appears as a Golden Freddy sprite: head tilted on its left with white pupils in a slouched position donning a black top hat. His head constantly shakes during his boss battle and will appear as a Crying Child sprite when damaged.


When first seen by Jack and Dave in the Flipside, he remains neutral towards the two before Dave speaks, at which he recognizes Dave's voice from his counterpart DaveTrap. Afterwards, he becomes very hostile towards the two, but shortly calms after he is defeated.


  • Jacob Adams is inspired by Charlotte Emily (the kid who haunts the puppet in FNaF)
  • When Jack or Dave attack Jacob, the crying child can be seen for a moment.
  • It's impossible to escape from his battle.
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