"Joke's on you Dave! I just stuck golden heady onto an existing springlock body! "
Jack Kennedy talking to Purple Guy (tape), DSaF 3

Sporthead Freddy has other meanings. See Freddy (disambiguation) for other uses. Sporthead

Golden Freddy is a hallucination-like suit that appears in the Dayshift at Freddy's series.



Golden Freddy appears in DSAF during the staged birthday party if Jack has helped Dave to kill the kids. He doesn't do much except appear infront of Jack when he is trying to reach the saferoom. He also appears as a character to avoid in Breadbear.

DSaF 2

Golden Freddy appears as a minor character in DSAF 2 appearing as a giant floating head that can either be worn as a head or shooed away. If worn as a head you can scare children, but doing the "Golden Freddy roar" in Phone Guy's face will get you fired. But if you shoo it off it will slowly fade away until it's gone, and won't do anything.

Golden Freddy's head appears at any random time on different days.

DSaF 3

When Jack buys the Start Your Own Freddy Fazbender's Pizza Kit, he will have a Golden Heady stuck onto an excisting springlock suit in the Saferoom. In the first day, Jack will wear the suit and give cake to children. The player also can hire employees to preform in it. If the player salvaged Spring Freddy, Phone Guy will throw away Headward even if the player didn't want to throw him away.



Golden Freddy resembles the character of the same name from Five Nights at Freddy's. He looks like the empty Spring-Freddy Suit but having no eyes and looking the other way.

DSaF 2

Golden Freddy's appearance has taken the form of his second game's counterpart. He only appears as the head.

DSaF 3

Golden Heady is stuck onto an existing yellowish springlock body.


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