• The game over screen in DSAF 2.
  • The game over screen in DSAF 3.

A Game Over is when the player fails the game, there is two differents game over, the expulsion and the death (usually by springlock). However dying is against the company policy and lead to an expulsion, so it's technically the same things.

Game Over screen

Dayshift at Freddy's

There is an image of Jack stuffed in a suit, it's the game over screen from FNaF but with added text. The text states "sucks to be u m8".

Dayshift at Freddy's 2

It's an image of Jack and Toy Freddy sitting in a dusk in a park.

Dayshift at Freddy's 3

It's an image of the Real Fredbear looking sad and saying "You promised, Jack..."

Ways to get fired

  • Yiffing Foxy.
  • Devouring Chica's hot bird ass.
  • Calling yourself Emilmacko or Candy the cat, it's considered as spying and betrayal.
  • Pixels ???
  • Being a doggo.
  • Sampling somes salads from the salad bar.
  • Attempting to make humor multiple times.
  • Yelling swears at the kiddins.
  • Dying.
  • Burning the computer.
  • Throwing BB at the wall.
  • Finishing Breadbear (considering as cheating, but the player can choose to give Phone Guy half of his gains to avoid the exclusion).
  • Acting as Cool Cat and telling to the kids to smoke because it's cool or talking about your divorce.
  • Telling the kiddins poems
  • Showing your dick tattoo to Peter.
  • Blowing up the Trashpile.
  • Wearing Golden Freddy whilst screaming at Peter.
  • Using illegal fireworks.
  • Advertising Candy's Whopper and Chips.
  • Telling the Horde of Ungrateful Toddlers to drop kick Peter.

Ways to die

Springlock failure

  • Urinating while wearing the suit.
  • Don't compress the springlocks quickly enough at the saferoom.
  • Wearing a springlock-suit when the Puppet broke free from its box.
  • Doing a flip while wearing the springlock suit.
  • Refusing to follow Phone Guy at his office.
  • Failing to do the safety dance.

Others ways

  • Having his testicles ripped off by the Puppet.
  • Eating garbage
  • Mocking Bonnie many times and having Jack's face ripped off.
  • Drowning in the ballpit.
  • Drinking bleach.
  • Playing the trumpet.
  • Beating the illegal level of Breadbear.
  • Not tazing Man in Candy the Cat Suit.


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Dayshift at Freddy's

Getting Springlocked (1)


You're Fired music (1)

Five Nights at Freddy's Toreador March (aka Freddy's Death S

Dayshift at Freddy's 2

Time To Die

Time to die

Getting Springlocked (2)


Game Over Screen


You're Fired music (2)



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