"Please don't bring up to the customers what happened in Arizona."
Phone Guy, DSaF

The Arizona location is a another Freddy's location located in Arizona.


The Arizona location is the joint that has been talked about throughout the franchase where Dave threw Foxy into the Grand Canyon. This location also appears in an after-day minigame where you play as Dave and have to throw Foxy into the Grand Canyon. This location features three animatronics: Foxy, Freddy Fazbender and some kind of Golden Freddy/Fredbear.


  • Foxy being thrown off the grand canyon may be a reference to Dork Dairies book 9 where the character "MacKenzie Hollister" joked about being thrown off the grand canyon.
  • It's Phone Guy has a black phone like Harry.

The Arizona location returns in the third game.


The location's Phone Guy recorded a message and said that he came early for work and cleaned the place. He also said that he fired Dave for cleaning reasons. Dave responded with Throwing Foxy into the Grand Canyon. After that, mentioned that he kept hearing Foxy rawring from the Grand Canyon.

In the third game, Jack Kennedy can find the tape in the Office Computer.


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