Farfour is an infamous animatronic in Dayshift at Freddy's. He is based on a character in Tomorrow's Pioneers.



He plays a major role in the first game, where he is referenced on the tour, with Phone Guy saying "We used to have a bear and rat suit." He is then seen in the Mediocre Ending, where he kills Jack. He is also seen in the Soapy Ending, if you choose only the Rat, and in the Gnarly Ending, if you choose him along with Breadbear. He also appears in The End and the Awesome Ending, where he tries to destroy Freddy's, but is stopped by the Real Fredbear.

DSaF 2

He isn't shown in the second game, but has minor appearances as a toy in the prize corner. He also appears under the Employee's tab on Peter Kennedy's computer.

His opening speech starts with the words: I AM FARFOUR!!!

DSaF 3

Farfour comes back he plays a minor role this time he is found in the Colorado Location .He could be salvaged or left in the location.


  • Farfour is Breadbear's Partner
  • Farfour represents a Mickey Head.
  • Farfour Was probably in "The Rat Pack"


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