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Doggo is a type of a dog, And is the main character that makes cameo appearances in Dayshift at Freddy's, Dayshift at Freddy's 2 and Dayshift at Freddy's 3.


In DSAF and DSAF 2, there is a rare chance of encountering Doggo. However, Doggo later makes his first major appearance in the April fools game with lots of Doggo's called Dayshift At Freddy's 3.

DSaF 3

In DSAF 3 (Real), Jack can purchase a doggo as a preformer. Doggo existed before Dayshift At Freddy's was created, with the name Doge.


  • Doggo is one of the few characters to not have a personality.
  • There is also a Phone Guy counterpart of Doggo. This exists in Dayshift At Freddy's 3 as it has lots of type of Doggo.
  • Doggo is also known as D0ge as mentioned by Jack.
  • Doggo makes lots of appearances in the Dayshift At Freddy's Series.
  • There is a even rarer version of doggo called Shadow Doggo. When Shadow Doggo appears, random letters and numbers show up, that when put in the correct order they will form actual setences.
  • Doge, the dog is actually female. It was confirmed here.
  • There is a Freddy Fazbender's Location where all the preformers are Doggos (Idaho Location).
  • Doggo was inspired by the Doge meme.



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