This is an instruction manual that addresses the editing rules used by the Dayshift at Freddy's Wikia in writing, titles, pages, and linking. Please read it before you edit any pages. However, make sure to observe current trends as well as these rules.

This manual will address all editing rules in an objective manner, though there will be cases where editing rules are subjective. If there are any unresolved disputes over what best applies to the editing rules of Dayshift at Freddy's Wikia, please contact one of the admins.

Main guide

Using "you"

Every article (Story-Time at Freddy's articles are the only exception) should use the name "Jack" or "Jack Kennedy", instead of "we", "you", or "the player" to avoid confusing the readers. Whereas, Story-Time at Freddy's articles should use the name "Jeff" instead of "we", "you" or "the player" to avoid confusion.

"Jack will pray to Godred." "You will pray to Godred."
"Dave can be seen inside the Flipside." "We can see Dave inside the Flipside."
"Fritz will tell Jeff that the place is ultra-haunted." "Fritz will tell us that the place is ultra-haunted."

Another note that you should always avoid writing in the first-person when writing articles, especially in character pages. Examples - "I found Dave's lunchbox", "Fighting against the animatronics is kinda difficult for me.", etc.


Always make sure to use words in articles like "going to", "want to", etc, instead of "gonna", "wanna", etc.

"The Puppet is going to appear inside the pizzeria." "The Puppet is gonna appear inside the pizzeria."
"Jack has got to go home after 6PM." "Jack has gotta go home after 6PM."
"Breadbear wants to kill Jack." "Breadbear wanna kill Jack."

Referencing game names

When referencing game names you should always either reference the short name such as "DSaF" or the longer version "Dayshift at Freddy's". Alternatively, you can reference the main series of games' names as "First Game", "Second Game", etc. For the first game, it must be referenced without a number since that is it's official title. For Dayshift at Freddy's 2, it should stay as "DSaF 2" or "Dayshift at Freddy's 2" and not include ":Electric Boogaloo".

"In the first game, Jack can kill the kids." "In DSaF 1, Jack can kill the kids."
"Project Save the Kiddins takes place in the Utah Location." "Project ST Kiddins takes place in the Utah Location."
"DSaF 2 features the most endings." "Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo features the most endings."


When using hyperlinks, you should include the page name such as "Dave Miller" instead of putting the entire link: "" and if you are referencing a page on another wiki, use ":w:c:wikiname:pagename"


When talking about characters, only refer to them by names that can be found in the game. If it is a character that derives from another character from something such as another video game it should still only be called the name it is given in the game.

"The Crow is a character in Dayshift at Freddy's 2." "Stone the Crow is a character in Dayshift at Freddy's 2."
"Jack believes that Concrete Peanut is going to snap his neck." "Jack believes that SCP-173 is going to snap his neck."