Breadbear is one of the reccuring arcade games within the DSaF Series. In this game, you play as Dave and attack animatronics comming from above. There are three bosses: Breadbear, Springtrap and DirectDoggo. In DSAF, if you complete the arcade game you will get the Bono Ending.

Game OverSpringlocksBattling MechanicName SecretsBreadbear (Arcade Game)Office ComputerDoorsMonitor
Dayshift at Freddy's
Cool CatHoney MonsterFredbear (Suit)Rat (Suit)
Dayshift at Freddy's 2
Spring FreddySpring Bonnie
Dayshift at Freddy's 3
Arcade MachineGrow Your Own Hallway in Minutes: Just Add WaterStart Your Own Freddy Fazbender's Pizza KitPortal
Project Save the Kiddins
Hall Lights