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• 12/30/2018

New minor/secret characters I discovered

While I was playing Dsaf 3 I discovered two characters on two separate computers.

The first one was SCP-173 I do not have proof of it's exitance in the game because I forgot to take screenshots. When encountered your character says he feels like he needs to stare at it and not blink or it will snap his neck, then phone guy shows up and because he has no eyelids you tell him to watch the statue and then ditch him, phone gets mad and you return to the room you where in.

The second character is Nowhere Man (from the Beatles). Nowhere man when encountered will zoom across the bottom of the screen for 3 times then he will stop at the side of the screen and a text box asks you if you accept him in your life, I declined which caused him to appear sad and run off.

I'm on the fence on whether or not to make page for these characters

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• 12/30/2018

thanks very cool

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